Internet-Links to Science Pages and Programs

So this is a bit arbitrary ('editors choice'), but it may be useful for you

Proteins and Molecules

Demonstrations for the classroom    some examples created for my lectures, located at the University of Minho

Biomolecules    Large Collection of biochemistry, chemistry and biophysics programs as well as internet resources such as biomolecule data banks.

Periodic table, Elements and Isotopes

Periodic table and Nuclid chart    for download, many options

Kalzium -KDE    Linux based periodic table for download, many options

dynamic Periodic table    web based Periodic table with many options such as properties, electron configuration, Isotopes and Compounds, available in many languages

Microscopy and Optics

Carl Zeiss Microscopy Online Campus:   Education in Microscopy and Digital Imaging. Many interactive animations on microscopy, optics, fluorescence, Laser, GFP, superresolution etc.

Java- Applets on microscopy, Optics, Laser, GFP etc., Olympus  

Java- Applets on microscopy, Optics, Laser, GFP etc., Nikon  

Japtik - Java Optik   Java-Applets geometric optics


Java Applets on Physics   big selection of Java-Applets

JavaPsi- Quantenmechanics Applet   

Math and Data plotting and analysis programs

There are some commercial solutions such as origin, sigmaplot, matlab etc, which are exceedingly expensive. Even on a student licence, you have to pay a lot and if you are not a student any longer, what are you going to do with your work..... However there are some freeware (or cheap shareware) programs that may do the job. Some of these programs can load origin format files, although at times, figures have to be retouched. Here just a selection of programs I used, a comprehensive list can be found on Wikipedia 'List of information graphics software'  

QTIplot    Shareware for Linux, Windows and Apple, costs vary on type of licence and include helpline. Origin project imports work fine, some minor retouching on the imported graphs may be neccessary

SciDAVis    (Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization), works fine under Linux and Windows, as long as you start your project with this program, however import of origin, excel and qti (recent version) files is not working very well or at all.

Labplot    available for Linux, included in most distributions as part of the KDEducation

Octave    a Matlab clone available for Linux and windows, 4th generation computer language very close to Matlab. Frontends are also available. Scilab is similar, however the syntax is somewhat different from Matlab.

Peter Schellenberg 12 july 2015