Dr. Peter Schellenberg

   Centro de Fisica
   Escola de Ciencias
   Universidade do Minho
   Campus de Gualtar
   4710-057 Braga - Portugal
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Most of my internet pages providing information on research, teaching, previous research topics etc. are located at the internet page of the FAMO group ( Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics at the Institute of Physics, University of Minho

Entrance to Universidade do Minho
Photosystem II, the oxygen evolving factory of nature
Frontier orbitals (HOMO,LUMO) of a push-pull dye for nonlinear optical applications
Our femtosecond laser lab
Nitrogenase, the nitrogen fixation factory of nature
Quantum nanodot superassembly, fluorescence image with decay time distribution
fluorescence from CdSe quantum dots, different sizes (red-larger, green-smaller)
Windmills on the north coast of Portugal, near Esposende
Graphene crystal, made visible by microdroplet condensation
Contrast profile of graphene mono -and bilayer, enhanced by refractive index matching
Jardim de Santa Barbara, Braga
Green fluorescent protein
Universidade do Minho, medical research department, Campus de Gualtar, Braga
Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Braga, Portugal
Antibody and Lysozyme AB fragment with antigen and the binding surface
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Research interests -past and present

My research topics revolve around the investigation of materials by optical spectroscopy, especially laser spectroscopy This includes Raman, time-resolved femtosecond spectroscopy and high-resolution spectroscopy.

optical properties of Graphene and Graphene Nanodots
Quantum Nanodots and QND superstructures
Nonlinear optical properties of organic molecules
Protein chips
Structure - function and structure - binding relationships in proteins
Photodynamics photosynthesis and of Green Fluorescent Protein
Hole burning spectroscopy, inhomogeneous effects in amorphous materials (PhD thesis)

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ESF exploratory workshop on protein microarrays

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'Biochemistry by Computer: Databanks, Visualizations and Computations'

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